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Databeest is a multimedia meta-data management system. This means that it's designed to store things like tracktitles and discnames of all your media.
"Yet another one?" you might think.... But Databeest is somewhat special. Where other packages limit you in the media types and meta-data which you can store, Databeest gives you full flexibility. You can create your own media and decide what you want to store about it.
It's so flexible that you can even store the contents of your refrigerator in Databeest!
Version 0.1 - Technology preview
This version is a technology preview release. It's meant for developers and bleeding-edge users. See Features for a list of features.
Version 0.2 - Pre alpha release
The main new feature is the ability to hide "cleared fields". Which means that if you have a folder "song" with fields "band" and "artist" and you have a song which only has an artist, that you can leave the "band" field empty and it won't be displayed. This release also includes various bugfixes. Logo Website copyright Remco Poelstra; Logo copyright Anthony Bennett